random thoughts

I didn’t mean to start my blog with such personal thing but yeah, whatever.

I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous with all the people who know what they love to do, who they want to be and are able to pursue their “passion”. At this point of life (sounds weird), I can feel the pressure that I actually have to start to “care” about my future. The fact that I am and I will always be the one and only person who has responsibility for my life just freaks me out sometimes because I seem “chill”. I don’t have any plans. I don’t know what I will be doing in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. I mean, most people don’t, I know that.

I’m a little bit “behind” comparing to my friends. Most of them are now in the 3rd year or last year of university meanwhile I’ve just started my studying for a month, which means they will probably go to work and earn money in the next 2 years while I will still take classes everyday. That thought makes me feel kind of lost and “useless” sometimes. Under family pressure and society’s pressure in our culture, I’m supposed to graduate just in time as my fellows, get a job so that I’ll be able to feed myself and don’t have to sleep under a bridge. And, you know, “settle down”.

Then I think why do I have to compare myself to others? I’ve just lived a month and 13 days of my 20s. I don’t like the idea of “settling down” as much as I don’t like onion (so relevant I know). Maybe because I’m still too young to think about it but I mean, considering the fact that we only have one life to live, I would love to try different things until I know what I want to do. Maybe if I hate my major I will quit and go for a degree in mathematics (I can’t think of anything else). Who knows? I want to try as many things as I can and find out what suits me, what interests me, what motivates me everyday and what I can call “passion”. It doesn’t mean that I give up on things easily and go try new stuff and then give up again when it’s hard and try new stuff again and again and again. I am and I will be responsible for what I chose and do it sincerely. As much as I can.

I’m happy for those who have found and lived their dream. Those haven’t, just like me, don’t worry because I believe one day we will, it’s only a matter of time. Life is full of opportunities.

I’m still young. You’re still young. It’s totally okay to feel lost and uncertain. Just live the life you want so that you won’t be regret 30 years later. I don’t write this to tell or to “teach” anyone how they should live. I write this to encourage myself to be brave stepping out of my comfort zone and taking chances, to believe in my choices, to put my puzzled mind at ease and of course, it would be great if this post also could have a positive influence on any of you reading this.

Thank you very much for reading my first rambling stuff. Have to go back to my literature homework now 🙂

Stay beautiful,



7 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. in my opinions you don’t have to think about ur future cause i can take care for u, pay for all your foods, pink clothes, pink nails, hello kitty houses, trips around the worlds cause i’m a freaking pilot who in love with you, just marry me!


  2. stay strong and follow what you love ❤ for example, open a school training the future princesses '.' or a school teaching how to lick the baby's cheek – as your talent … 20 ist noch zu bald, eine langfristige Entscheidung zu treffen ❤ stay cute !


  3. Hope your blog reach out to all the youngsters out there who are still lost in their lives and inspire them with all this shit. In order to do so, just say the word and we have your back.


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