rambling session: on today, and on “milk and honey”

To be honest, it has been an exhausting day. I’ve just got home from work. The restaurant is so crowded these days thanks to the climate change conference. Well, tiring but at least I got something to keep my mind busy.

It’s so weird because yesterday was still alright. Or at least it seemed to be so. I got my problems solved, had a nice conversation with a friend I haven’t met for a long time, worked without procrastinating and crossed out everything listed on my journal.

Today, on the contrary, was not so productive. Maybe it’s because of my 8 AM class, or maybe it’s just my mood swinging up and down, like it always does. I made a few decisions, can’t tell if it’s the right thing to do or not. One of them is dropping my Medieval Studies course after 5 times attending the class, with a little hope that it would be more interesting the next time. Well, I gave the course 5 chances, and that’s it. I still hate it, so I have to do what makes me feel right.

I spent 3 hours in a café, had two cappuccinos and wanted to be productive. The thing is, you don’t always get what you want. I left the café with my brain feeling heavy, and my mind feeling useless. I headed to the book store looking for something that could lighten my head and my heart a bit. And I chose “milk and honey”.

milk and honey – rupi kaur

I don’t think I am poetic and critical enough to write a review about anyone’s works. Some people really love this collection of poetry, some don’t agree that this is deserved to be called poetry. To me, it actually doesn’t matter. I like the message she wants to deliver and I admire her ability to transfer so much pains and sweetness at the same time and in such few words. I really enjoyed reading it although I actually expected more, but just because I’ve seen her poems all over Facebook and Tumblr being called a masterpiece.

milk and honey – rupi kaur

It’s almost 12 AM now. It’s been really a long day so I’ll end it with 3 little things I appreciated, just to ease my mind:

  1. I’ve found a childhood friend that I’ve lost contact with for almost 10 years.
  2. I’ve just bought a ticket for Oh Wonder’s concert on Monday.
  3. I talked to my mom and dad.


And that’s all. Thank you so much for reading.

Much love.