tell me I can be optimistic

My facebook feed is flooded with breaking news, grief and anger. The sex scandals in Korea. Toxic masculinity. Mass shooting in New Zealand. Another shooting in The Netherlands. People die. People kill. Everywhere. It hits me way harder than I thought it would do. I cannot even pull my chain of thoughts together. It feels like one thought comes after another and they just stay right there in my head, overlap each other and form this huge tangled wool roll, to the point I’m overwhelmed and feel the need to put everything into words.

Talking about the world. Somedays it looks brighter than the others, some just feels like hell. Sometimes, there is a positive, sparkling energy supporting my belief that we are moving forward to a better world. It sways me, inspires me and gives me so much motivation. Some other times, I’d rather exclude myself from everything and everyone else. I do me, the world do them. Nothing matters.

Optimism and Pessimism go together perpetually. Like I don’t get why human run this world and destroy it at the same time. One of my friend’s catchphrase is: “People this, people that”. Optimistically understood: there will always be good people. Flip it over: bad people are everywhere and they will eventually never disappear. I watched an interview with Billie Eilish a few days ago and she said something along the lines of “everyone is gonna die”. It’s a fact. But you can also interpret it optimistically or pessimistically, depends on your state of mind. I do believe staying optimistic is an active choice, but off and on I find myself wandering on the side I shouldn’t be.

I obviously don’t want to spread my gloom-ridden thoughts further, because it’s been dark enough lately with all kind of things going on. If you are reading this post, please keep in mind that I’m just detangling the knots in my brain, and do keep your faith in the bright side of the world. And tell me I can be optimistic. Because we all need to.

Thanks for reading.

p/s: I’m writing this while listening to this song: optimistic – cehryl




valencia part one | agfa vista plus 200

Careless as I am, obviously, I want to avoid big cities and touristy destinations. I feel like I have no time and energy to deal with pickpockets, street tricks, crimes, and long lines for dinner. Although Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, it is rather chilling than thrilling. Plus, the fly tickets were such a deal, and airbnb was not so expensive because it is not holiday season, so it did not take us much time to agree on Valencia (click here to save some money if you are going to book your first airbnb).

Mai Chi and I had an amazing time walking everywhere (literally) while rambling on and on, stuffing ourselves with flavorsome local food as much as we can, and admiring the blue pink gradient sunset sky. I am well aware that there is not much in Valencia to see, compare to other places, but it was definitely worth a visit, just for the original paella alone.

And here are the photos I got from the first film roll. Yes, that means there will be a second roll.

on the way from the airport to my airbnb
We climbed up the Quart Towers to get the view from above




we both agreed that yogurt and mango are the best ice cream flavors




tapas were amazing, but the flavorful paella was so delicious that i’m still craving for it
we spent the night in a small bar just 2 minutes away from our airbnb…
…and gave the “Agua de Valencia” (Valencia “Water”) a try – which tasted like orange juice and alcohol, and it was literally orange juice and alcohol – delicious anyways

us after a pitcher of Agua de Valencia seemed to be happier
hope you enjoyed the photos, they were shot on an olympus mju ii with agfa vista plus 200.