a whole note devoted to the Sun but not really

I’ve never liked the Sun. Growing up where humidity and heat combine to make the worst weather scenario, I hated the Sun. A “hot summer day” is supposed to be a bright and youthful concept, not a horrific one. Things have changed as I am living in Europe now, since ceaseless rain and gloomy days have managed to calm the hatred I’ve built for the Sun.

I adore the Moon. I’m obsessed with the Moon, to be really honest. I love how the Moon has its own art of shining, subtle, gentle, modest, never arrogant, although it shines on a deep dark blue sky. I love the way it never overshines the Stars, but complement each other’s existence and beauty. The Moon always calms my anxious mind in the best way possible.

Back to The Sun. It has too much power and energy, both positive and negative. Positive when it can share its joy and energy to others, negative when it overpowers everyone and drains them emotionally and physically. Too powerful. Too full of itself. Pretentious. Even the Sunset scene feels like a performance in which the Sun is the main artist. As I said, too full of itself. My apology to all the Sun’s fans.

I don’t like the Sun with its intensive power, but I’m quite happy today as I finally caught a glimpse of sunlight after a whole rainy week. There’s a 4-minute-walk from the station to the office and it was in these 4 minutes when I realized the Sun can also be humble. I was walking as slowly as possible between two beautiful greenish rows of trees, it was slightly cold and windy, nonetheless not gloomy, as the Sun was flaring through the greenish leaves. For 4 minutes, I stopped thinking about how much I hated the Sun, how much I hate to go to work, and enjoyed a little bit of delicate Sunshine on the left side of my face. Since it was such a beautiful start for the day, I’ve decided to write down my feelings for the Sun today to show my appreciation, knowing I will probably swear at it in just a few months when it gets above 30 degrees.